Sonja Steier

Internationalisierung im Hochschulwesen ausgewählter mittel- und osteuropäischer Staaten – Befunde, Trends und Probleme


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This contribution discusses the internationalization of Central and Eastern European university sys-tems following the political transformation after 1989/1990. This process of internationalization can be manifested in various ways. On the one hand, it may be reflected in courses of study, as for in-stance, by changing systems of granting credit, as well as by introducing newly oriented foreign lan-guage study programs. On the other hand, it may also be manifested by re-organizing the entire system at the level of international universities in the sense of diverse bi- or multilateral elitist institutions. In addition, the Bologna process, started in 1999, is discussed in view of its role as a motor of the interna-tionalization of university systems in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe.