A Journal for Critical Debate

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Connotations: A Journal for Critical Debate is a peer-reviewed journal. Connotations wants to encourage scholarly communication in the field of English Literature (from the Middle English period to the present), as well as American and other Literatures in English. It focuses on the semantic and stylistic energy of the language of literature in a historical perspective and aims to represent different approaches.

Each issue consists of articles and a forum for discussion. The forum presents, for instance, research in progress, critical hypotheses, responses to articles published in Connotations and elsewhere, as well as to recent books. As a rule, contributions will be published within five months after submission so that discussion can begin without delay.

All contributions are made freely available on the internet:


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Connotations: Society for Critical Debate
Inge Leimberg (Münster), Matthias Bauer (Tübingen), Burkhard Niederhoff (Bochum) and Angelika Zirker (Tübingen)

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