Friedemann Schmoll

“Volkskunde 70”

50 years after Falkenstein – an attempt to classify


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The German Folklore Society hosted a university teachers’ conference at the Heimvolkshochschule Falkenstein in September 1970 with the goal of revising and redefining the theoretical foundations, tasks and knowledge goals of Volkskunde. The “Falkensteiner Resolution,” written 25 years after the fall of the Nazi regime, marked the renewal and opening up of Volkskunde. The resolution also recommended a new name for a renewed cultural science. What does the reform of that time mean for the disciplinary identity of the “multi-named subject” today?

History of science, concept of culture, National Socialism, Nazism, disciplinary identity

Schmoll F. (2020). “Volkskunde 70”: 50 years after Falkenstein – an attempt to classify. Journal for European Ethnology and Cultural Analysis, 5(2), 145-168.