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38. Jahrgang, 2/2015

Education for All

Education for All. Realities, Achievements and Challenges.
The Story of Bangladesh

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Rasheda K. Choudhury Mostafizur Rahaman


Bangladesh has made significant improvement in education covering the six EFA goals. Yet, challenges in education are also in the race. This paper attempts to highlight the successes and challenges in education of Bangladesh. It also conveys s sort of way forward for further realization of educational progresses as well as a broader range of post-2015 education goals. Education for All (EFA) adopted in Dakar World Education Forum 2000 is approaching its deadline in September 2015. Attention has been given worldwide to think further for achieving EFA targeting 2030. Will countries like Bangladesh be in a position to achieve the new targets with appropriate strategies, focused priorities and timelines, adequate resourcing and strong political commitment?
Keywords: Education for All, Post-2015 Education Goals, Primary Education, Adult Literacy, Quality Education, Enrollment, Technical and Vocational Education, Early Childhood

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