Perspectives on Educational GovernanceMai 2022

S. Karin AmosFelix MasarovicAnne RohstockAlexander W. Wiseman (Hrsg.)

Perspectives on Educational Governance

2022,  New Frontiers in Comparative Education,  Band 4,  244  Seiten,  broschiert,  34,90 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-4190-3

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In March 2019, students and researchers from Germany, the USA, China, Kenya and South Africa came together at the University of Tuebingen to discuss Educational Governance from an international perspective. The group was mainly comprised of Ph.D.- and Master-students from various disciplines – Education, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science – and debated questions such as: What are the distinctive and different rationales underlying the discourse of Educational Governance and its political, economic, academic and pedagogic objectives? How can we make visible these rationales and which theories and analytic tools can help us to decipher the meanings attached to it? Are there different local and national trajectories in education discourse and practice with regard to Educational Governance and which role do international organizations and transnational transfer play? This edited volume displays these discussions and aims at initiating a broader communication about Educational Governance between previously separated spaces.

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