Sebastian SchneiderMatthias Pilz

Demand-driven-Ansätze als Schlüssel zum nachhaltigen Kompetenzerwerb


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Demand-driven approaches are increasingly being taken into consideration when it comes to the development of skills in the vocational education. That is what the international trend shows. This and the advantages of the individual-driven approaches, like the avoidance of mismatching, are the reasons why the authors used this method to realise a field research in Meghalaya/India. The remote north-eastern state is facing several problems in the training of its people. Therefore, the government tries to implement a well-functioning vocational education and training system (VET) with the help of demand-driven approaches. Those se are based on a needs-assessment of vocational requirements of the group observed. The needs were analysed with the use of focussed group discussions carried out in several villages in Meghalaya. The results show that there are multiple needs concerning the vocational sector. The study and the needs-assessment are the first step to implementing sustainable skill developments in Meghalaya/India and help meeting the aspirations of the rural people in terms of employment and livelihood.

demand-driven approaches, needs-assessment, sustainable skill development, Meghalaya/India