E-books and digital content

E-books for privat use

Our e-books are available in our e-book shop and in most online book shops (e.g. Thalia, Hugendubel, Weltbild, buecher.de) or in stationary book shops. Most e-books are pdf editions, some are also available as epub and/or kindle (amazon) editions. The e-books are readable on all computers and on most mobile devices. You can search the contents, make comments, quotations or printouts and bookmarks as well as links help you to navigate within the book.

Campus licence for libraries

Libraries and institutional customers can purchase our digital content from the following partners:

Preselect Media (campus licence, e-book and e-journal bundles):
Alexander Munte (a.munte[at]preselect.com)

Ebsco (campus licence for e-book)
Ebsco Berlin (info-berlin[at]ebsco.com, +49 30 / 34 005 241)

Ciando (campus licence for e-book)
Nicole Kondic (nicole.kondic[at]ciando.com)

The subscription conditions vary from distributor to distributor. Thank you for contacting our service partners if you want to find out more about the exact conditions (concerning rights, subscription modells, additional fees if applicable) for your institution.