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Our e-books are available in our e-book shop and in the well-known online shops (e.g. Thalia, Hugendubel, Weltbild, buecher.de) or in stationary bookshops. Most of our titles are available as PDF, some also as EPUB and/or for Kindle (Amazon). The e-books are thus readable on all computers and on many common mobile devices. You have the option of searching the content, commenting on it, quoting it, printing it out if necessary, or navigating through the book conveniently with the help of bookmarks and links.

Campus licence for libraries

Libraries and institutional customers can purchase our digital content from the following partners:

utb elibrary (campus licence, e-book and e-journal bundles):
Andrea Euchner (euchner[at]utb.de)

Ebsco (campus licence for e-book)
Ebsco Berlin (info-berlin[at]ebsco.com, +49 30 / 34 005 241)

Ciando (campus licence for e-book)
Sarah Wagner (bibliothek[at]ciando.com)

Knowledge Unlatched (Open access für E-Books)
Unsere Titel im aktuellen Paket KU-Select 2020:
Karin Priem, Kerstin te Heesen (Hrsg.): On Display. Visual Politics, Material Culture, and Education
Andreas Beer, Gesa Mackenthun (Hrsg.): Fugitive Knowledge. The Loss and Preservation of Knowledge in Cultural Contact Zones
Claudia Quaiser-Pohl, Martina Endepohls-Ulpe (Hrsg.): Women's Choices in Europe. Influence of Gender on Education, Occupational Career and Family Development
Kristof De Witte, Oliver Holz, Lotte Geunis (Hrsg.): Somewhere over the rainbow. Discussions on homosexuality in education across Europe
Martina Endepohls-Ulpe, Joanna Ostrouch-Kamiska (Hrsg.): Gender - Diversity - Intersectionality. (New) Perspectives in Adult Education
Daniela Gronold: Identity Matters. Different Conceptualisations of Belonging from the Perspective of Young Slovenes
Claudia Quaiser-Pohl, Vera Ruthsatz, Martina Endepohls-Ulpe (Hrsg.): Diversity and Diversity Management in Education. A European Perspective

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