Open Access

What does Open Access mean and which advantages does it offer?

Open Access means that scientific content is offered online to readers without charge.

Advantages of Open Access are

  • unlimited access for research and teaching
  • easier retrievability by search engines (SEO)
  • better distribution of your publication and therefore
  • more frequent citation

Open Access at Waxmann

All of our print titles are also published as e-books. As an alternative to e-books that come with costs, Waxmann offers you the possibility to publish Open Access. An Open Access publication is possible simultaneously to a print publication (gold) or after a certain period of time (green).

Gold: Open Access publication is carried out for a fee that depends on the kind of work (qualification work, monography, conference transcript, textbook etc.) and its scope.

Green: As the contributor to a publication, you are allowed to publish your article open access in repositories or on your website (non-commercially) 2.5 years after publication. Please refer to the source and provide a link to the publication if possible. This right may only be granted for individual articles,
but not for the entire e-book as it is subject to lawful resale price maintenance.

If you are interested in publishing your book Open Access, please contact us (openaccess[at]; Melanie Völker).

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization which has developed standardized license contracts for digital publications (
Waxmann offers Creative Commons licenses for many open access publications, which are generally CC BY-NC-SA (BY = the originator has to be mentioned; NC = non-commercial; SA = share alike, the publication must be shared under the same terms). However, other CC licenses are possible as well. Please contact us for more information.


We base Open Access fees on a calculation which includes the scope of the work, the target group as well as the impact on sales revenues (no sale of the e-book, lower print sales). For this reason, the fee is individual. Costs for an average publication including layout, correction run, print and e-book edition can be estimated between 4000,00 and 8000,00 €. We will explain the individual points in a personal offer. We will gladly advise you on the acquisition of funds.

Our service for Open Access

  • We apply the same formal and contentrelated quality features in our OA publications as we do in our other publications.
  • In agreement with you, we offer Creative Commons licenses.
  • So-called bookmarks, which simplify navigation, will be set in the e-book, URLs will be linked and the file will be enriched with metadata.
  • Your OA publication will be distributed via the same retail channels as e-books with costs, meaning that it will be enriched with data that is relevant to libraries and immediately made available in union catalogues.
  • In marketing, too, your publication will be treated just like our other publications. It will be included in our advertisement and retail projects, offered to journals for review and presented at conferences and congresses.
  • We will submit the title to the relevant, subject-specific databases and discovery services (i.a. Clarivate Analytics, Clio-online, Ebsco, FIS Bildung, H-Soz-Kult, MLA, New Books, Nielsen Book Data, ProQuest, Psyndex, Scopus) and we will prepare the necessary metadata (i.a. subject classification according to BIC, thema, ...). We expand our cooperations continuously.
  • Your publication will be archived longterm in OA repositories such as Pedocs.
  • We register our open access books at the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), the central international register for academic oa publications that meet the requirements of the discipline in question.