Bernd ChristmannDaniel SchwerdtMartin Wazlawik

Perspectives on Sexual Violence in School Contexts: Concepts, Findings, Prospects


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Research on sexual violence has developed dynamically in recent years. This opens up new perspectives on school contexts. Current research projects expand the existing knowledge on the prevalence of sexual violence, present new prevention concepts, clarify the qualification needs of teachers, and point out challenges and opportunities in the development of institutional protection policies. However, new desiderata are also becoming apparent.

sexual violence, school, prevention, intervention

APA citation
Christmann, B., Schwerdt, D. & Wazlawik M. (2019). Perspektiven auf sexualisierte Gewalt in schulischen Kontexten: Konzepte, Befunde, Perspektiven. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 111(2), 230-242.