Thomas Kemper

Educational Participation of Students with Migration Background – as a Function of the Specific School Statistical Operationalization


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This article exemplarily highlights a new statistical approach to determining information on the migration background of students at aggregate level in the Federal State North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). This approach provides new analytical opportunities due to additionally collected student characteristics and supplementary information on their parents. In particular, the data enable analyses of the educational participation of students depending on the specific operationalization of migration background. We find that a migration background following a broader definition (i.e., which additionally relies on parental migration characteristics) is linked to lower attendance rates in schools for children with special needs and higher attendance rates in upper secondary schools (Gymnasien). Following this approach we also find that disparities in attendance of different school types are lower in comparison to students without a migration background.

foreign students, migration, migration background, citizenship, educational participation, generation, school statistics