Gundel Schümer

Chancengleichheit im Bildungswesen – Das Beispiel Finnland


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Until quite lately, school policy in Finland was an integral part of a social policy intended to promote economic and social balance in the population. This paper shows how the principle of equality is rooted in the Protestant doctrine and in Finland’s cultural and social policy, and deals with some features of school reform aiming at equal educational opportunities. Lastly, the most recent changes in school policy are outlined. They endanger equality of educational opportunity and may, in the long term, transform the political culture in Finland.

autonomy, competition, comprehensive school, equality, social integration

APA citation
Schümer G. (2009). Chancengleichheit im Bildungswesen – Das Beispiel Finnland. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 101(1), 47-59.