Sarah BerndtAnnika Felix

Intentional Effects of STEM Pre-Courses during the Course of

Methodical Challenges of Evaluating Support Offers
Using the Example of a Longitudinal Study at Four German


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The longitudinal effects of participation in STEM pre-courses have seldom been taken into consideration. This desideratum is discussed in the present article. It uses regression models over time, to investigate the extent to which differences between participants and non-participants in terms of subject-related, social and organisational aspects of their studies occur at the beginning of studies, after the first and after the second academic year, under the control of third variables. The article especially discusses methodical aspects of evaluation of STEM pre-courses. The data is based on the first semester survey in the winter term 2016/2017 and the follow-up surveys in the summer term 2017, and summer term 2018 which were conducted at four German universities as part of the ‘StuFo’ (Accompanying Research on the Quality Pact for Teaching) project.

Effects, STEM Courses, Introductory Phase, Evaluation