Johanna OttoNils Berkemeyer

Educational landscapes

A proposed model to analyze cost-generating interactions in the education system


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In the educational discourse, educational landscapes have gained importance during recent years. Numerous programs and initiatives express the expectations that are linked to educational landscapes. Despite the positive connotations, there is evidence that establishing and ensuring educational landscapes is connected to various challenges which have to be faced. Due to the various educational actors, friction costs are very likely to appear. By developing a theoretical model, the present article tries to reveal the reasons for these costs as well as the types of costs which result from the interaction of various educational actors. Since educational landscapes are very complex systems, the article will place special emphasis on the interaction between the Local Education Office and schools in the context of the project ‘Schulen im Team – Transferregion Dortmund’. The model seems to be suitable to take a closer look on the reasons for interaction costs in the educational context and on the types of costs resulting from the interaction between the Local Education Office and schools. This is why in further research the model could be applied to other actors in educational landscapes.

Educational landscapes; Transaction cost theory; Interaction costs

APA citation
Otto, J. & Berkemeyer N. (2015). Regionale Bildungslandschaften: Vorschlag eines Modells zur Analyse kostenerzeugender Interaktionen im Bildungssystem. Journal for Educational Research Online (JERO), 7(1), 152-175.