Bruno LeutwylerKatharina Maag Merki

School Effects on Students' Self-regulated Learning

A Multivariate Analysis of the Relationship Between Individual Perceptions of School Processes and Cognitive, Metacognitive, and Motivational Dimensions of Self-regulated Learning


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The main objective of this study is to identify the scope of influence for enhancing students’ self-regulated learning. Whereas the existing evidence generally shows the impact of schooling on motivational, cognitive, and metacognitive dimensions of self-regulated learning separately for each dimension, the present study compares the impact of schooling on the different aspects of self-regulated learning in an ecologically valid setting without specific training programs. To this end, the study analyses the individual development patterns of 1432 students in a longitudinal sample drawn from Grade 10 to Grade 12. The results of multiple regression analyses show that school and instructional processes can explain a remarkable part of students’ development in self-regulated learning. Furthermore, the current data suggest that different configurations of social and didactical factors promote motivational, cognitive, and meta-cognitive self-regulation and that the scope of influence varies to a substantial degree within the construct “self-regulated learning.” The present study thus allows for a dif-ferentiated estimate regarding the extent to which the schools can promote the pivotal aim – that of self-regulated learning.

self-regulated learning, school quality, longitudinal study