Martin Rothland

Berufsorientierung und -motivation in der konsekutiven Lehrerbildung: diffus, trügerisch und defizitär? Befunde einer vergleichenden Untersuchung

Befunde einer vergleichenden Untersuchung


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Referring to the findings of the Potsdam Teacher Survey, it was noted that more than half of the teacher students show motivational deficits. But other studies identify a high degree of purpose and certainty with regard to the career aspiration among pupils and students who want to become teachers. Referring to the seemingly very ambiguous results, this article addresses the issue on the basis of a comparative survey with n = 977 teacher students, n = 135 law students, and n = 210 medical students; thus, it explores the vocational motivation of the teacher students and asks whether the two-tiered organization of teacher education which claims to be polyvalent is attended by a correspondently more differing vocational orientation and motivation of the Bachelor and Master students. Finally, the article explores to what extent students who want to become teachers have gained experience with activities for children and young people and checks how far the dominant vocational motivation of the prospective teachers – to work with children and young people – is in accordance with their practiced interests.

vocational orientation, vocational motivation, teacher students, teacher education