Christian HerfterTillmann GrünebergAntje Knopf

Dropout from Teacher Education – Numbers, Reasons and Emotional Experience


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The reduction of the student dropout rate is a goal for enhancing efficiency through quality management at universities. This study is an integral part of that process. During the investigation (2009-2012), 454 students terminated their teacher education at the University of Leipzig (dropout rate 14.3%). These students were asked to answer an online questionnaire (return rate 20.3%). The responses to our open questions were interpreted with the qualitative content analysis (intern validity: .891-.985 κ). The special focus of our study is, in addition to the description of the quantitative dropout (1), to reconstruct the subjective backgrounds (2) and their importance for individual decision making (3) and to consider besides rational justifications the emotional experience (4). So not only crucial reasons for dropout like disaffection with study environment, family duties, changes in job orientation and study burdens were pointed out, but also internally and externally localized positive and negative emotions concerning the dropout decision could be classified.

Dropout, Teacher Education, Qualitative Content Analysis, Emotions