Language and Nation

Guri Ellen BarstadArnstein HjeldeSigmund KvamAnastasia ParianouJohn Todd (Editor)

Language and Nation

Crossroads and Connections

2016,  320  pages,  paperback,  44,90 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-3497-4

With contributions by
André AviasGuri Ellen BarstadWladimir ChávezHans Petter HermansenArnstein HjeldeBenthe Kolberg JanssonArne KruseSigmund KvamFranck OrbanAnastasia ParianouJürgen F. SchoppVilelmini SosoniJohn ToddElin Nesje Vestli

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Studies on the relation between language, identity and nation (building) represent a long tradition in linguistic, cultural and political research. In this interdisciplinary anthology, we focus on different aspects of how language is used to shape a nation; by retaining a national identity in the context of emigration, by measures taken to change an existing nation into a new one, by introducing a discourse designed to re-establish a putatively lost nation. Finally, we discuss how nation and identity are shaped in a modern multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-cultural society. The anthology "Language and Nation" contains articles in English, French and German from political science, history, linguistics, literature and translatology and is written by researchers based in Finland, Greece, Norway and the United Kingdom.


Overall, I found the volume very interesting for various reasons. First, each contribution gives access to a complex context, being accessible without being simplistic. This facilitates international comparisons among the contexts described by contributors, as between these and readers’ research context background. Second, through its international scope, Language and Nation. Crossroads and Connections covers the various dimensions of how language may be linked to nation. Third, the detailed historical and national backgrounds enable to situate contemporary national identity issues. Fourth, the written attention to readers makes this volume accessible to a wide audience, from undergraduate students to senior scholars, and including the experts interesting in understanding nation and identity building in the concerned contexts.
Stéphanie Cassilde in: Language, Discourse & Society, 2(8)/2016

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