Silke Meyer

„Cool Britannia“: Zur Konstruktion des Nationalen im Millennium Dome, London


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In the Year 2000, the big topic in the British media was the Millennium Dome and its exhibition in Greenwich, London. The debates around the Dome centred on financial issues, political scandals and on questions of self representation of the British nation. Three levels of a national branding have been analysed in this article: first, the exhibition of everyday culture and the interactive approach, secondly, the political rhetoric and the discourse of national identity in contemporary politics, and thirdly the semiotic meaning of the exhibition’s location and its historical traditions. On all three levels, strategies of constructing national identity are negotiated and the concept of nation is exercised for cultural integration and identification, a vision of „Cool Britannia“ and a „New Britain“. But why did the project fail? Where are the limits of everyday nationalism and of constructing national identity in a multi-cultural society?