María do Mar Castro Varela

Postkoloniales Lesen

Hegemoniale Wissensproduktion und postcolonial literacy


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Hegemoniale Wissensproduktion und postcolonial literacyPostcolonial theories have become an integral part of educational science. But what exactly can be understood by postcolonial pedagogy? Is it about critical knowledge? What is the difference to other critical pedagogies – such as a critical pedagogy of racism? And how can a postcolonial pedagogy be studied? This text argues for postcolonial literacy, which on the one hand is about expanding knowledge of (post)colonial content, but on the other hand, is also about acquiring critical literacy and ethical reflexes. This requires, among other things, initiating processes of unlearning that question imperial knowledge as well as training the imagination. We may call this postcolonial reading, which in post/pandemic times seems urgent than ever.