Martina Sturm

Bildungsanthropologie als Impulsgeberin: Eine mögliche Annäherung an eine nicht-eurozentrische Pädagogik durch TRANSCA – Translating Socio-Cultural Anthropology into Education


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Anthropology of education can make a contribution to the educational field when it comes to answering the question of how a non-Eurocentric pedagogy can be made experienceable when implementing a transnational education. Anthropology of education, as a subdiscipline of cultural and social anthropology, deals with considering different perspectives and deconstructing systemic power-relations in formal and informal educational settings. The Erasmus+ project TRANSCA (Translating Socio-Cultural Anthropology into Education), which ran from September 2018 to August 2020, aimed to promote the process of translating and transferring anthropological concepts into the educational field and, thus, making them usable for educational studies and the pedagogical practice. This article addresses the integration of educational-anthropological and post-colonial approaches into the materials created within TRANSCA framework and shows how the project can contribute to approaching a non-Eurocentric pedagogy.