Anja HackbarthRadosław M. HuthPatricia StošićLea Thönnes

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Eine praxeologische Perspektivierung ungleicher Teilhabeoptionen im Bildungsraum


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This article uses empirical data to illustrate how the participation opportunities for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are presented at the meso level of the educational space in an interrelation between school supply structure and spatial appropriation (different in each case). The potentially available participation options will be reflected on the one hand by analyzing the (socio-)spatial supply structure of individual schools and their school attendance rates (SEND rate) in a large city. On the other hand, the performative level of inclusion is reconstructed from the perspective of relevant actors, such as parents of primary school children with SEND and headmasters of the schools visited. For this purpose we use semi-structured interviews, which are analyzed with the documentary method. Based on these analyses, we discuss how the educational space is differentiated by ability-related and milieu-specific constellations of fit at the individual schools.