Tobias BuchnerFlora Petrik

Die Räume der Curricula

Zum Zusammenspiel von Raum und Fähigkeit an Neuen Mittelschulen


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The article focuses on the realization of inclusive education in 'Neuen Mittelschulen' (NMS, secondary level I) in Vienna. In particular, we take a critical look at the implementation of the NMS reform, which aims at the common schooling of all students and differentiated, individualized class instructions. Combining spatial and ability theoretical considerations, an ethnographic case study in an 'integration class' at an NMS in Vienna uncovers spatialized school practices. The designed theoretical perspective allows to examine the interplay of space and ability as well as the related practices of inclusion and exclusion of students. In this way, it becomes apparent how even the seemingly inclusive teaching that takes place under the 'surface structure of the NMS' is fundamentally permeated by ability-related hierarchies.