Ute Holfelder

“Where Salzburg borders on Tyrol …”

The Carinthian anthem and the construction of the Dispositif Carinthia/Koroška

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In this contribution, the genesis and the use of the Carinthian anthem (“Kärntner Heimatlied”) will be examined using the methods of cultural analysis. The period under investigation ranges from the 19th century to the time of the Carinthian defensive struggle and the 1920 plebiscite up to the present. The Carinthian anthem, which has been official since 1966, is examined as part of the Dispositif Carinthia/Koroška (Dispositiv Kärnten/Koroška), in the context of which conflicts over languages, borders and affiliations of German national groups and the Slovene minority have been and still are being negotiated.

Folksong, Dispositif Carinthia/Koroška, national anthem, Kärntner Heimatlied