Nicolle Pfaff

Erziehungswissenschaftliche Transnationalismusforschung im Gegenstandsbereich der Schule – zwischen Struktur und Lebenswelt


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The article explores thematic fields of the application of the research perspective of transnationalism in German-language school and educational research and points out their selective reference to specific forms and arenas of transnationalization. Two aspects are discussed in more detail: On the one hand, it becomes clear that corresponding research is primarily directed towards the establishment of structures and programs, whereas pedagogical practices and experiences of actors tend to be ignored. On the other hand, empirical studies so far have focused primarily on the area of the international mobility of social elites and structures of exclusive school education. The transnationalization of life worlds and educational institutions in the context of migratory society, on the other hand, is hardly recognized. This observation is reflected against the background of the history of discipline in educational science, in which the examination of migration was realized almost exclusively in the context of differential pedagogical perspectives.