Laura Selene Mateos Cortés

Die transnationale Migration des interkulturellen Bildungsdiskurses zwischen Europa und Lateinamerika: Ein ethnographisches Fallbeispiel spanisch-mexikanischen Diskurstransfers


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This contribution analyses the ways of transfer of the discourse on interculturality and intercultural education, as it has been coined and shaped by European and particularly Spanish scholars, towards educational actors and institutions in Mexico. The ethnographic data illustrate how this intercultural discourse is currently transferred through intellectual networks to different kinds of Mexican actors who are actively ‘translating’ this discourse into the post-indigenismo situation of ‘indigenous education’ and ethnic claims making in Mexico. On the basis of fieldwork conducted in two different institutions in the state of Veracruz, and by applying analytic categories stemming from historiographical transfer studies, the appropriation and re-interpretation of the European and Spanish discourse of interculturality are studied by comparing the training of ‘intercultural and bilingual’ teachers through the state educational authorities and the notion of intercultural education, as applied within the so-called ‘Intercultural University of Veracruz’.