Carmen Osuna

‘Intercultural education should move from discourse to practice’. New perspectives and old claims in the Bolivian process of educational change


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This article aims to analyze the current process of educational change in Bolivia, dealing with discourses of stakeholders in the Education Revolution in process in the country since 2006, after Evo Morales became President. These discourses point out previous experiences, some of which are considered failures since they were not able to incorporate the indigenous peoples’ demands for intercultural education. The intention is to carry out an analysis with a twofold perspective: on one hand, a historical perspective will be used to analyze past projects and laws, which are significant in defining the current process of the Education Revolution; on the other hand, an ethnographic perspective will be used, focusing on the discourses of key persons, people who are responsible for designing and implementing education policy at the Ministry of Education and the leaders of the Original Peoples Education Councils (Consejos Educativos de los Pueblos Originarios), whose role is to manage, negotiate, coordinate, and keep watch over the reflection of indigenous demands in the definition of new education policies.