Ramona Lenz

Mobilität im Fokus – Modeerscheinung oder Paradigmenwechsel? Überlegungen zum sogenannten mobility turn

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Mobility has become a key research topic across various disciplines and influenced theory construction. This article explores the extent to which the increased attention for mobility is to be considered as a “new mobility paradigm” or a “mobility turn” and reflects about the benefits that can be drawn from the current scientific awareness of mobility. To this end it makes recourses to the concept of scientific paradigms developed by Thomas S. Kuhn, and the definition of turns by Doris Bachmann-Medick. On the basis of various common points of criticisms concerning the postulation of a mobility turn, it finally discusses potentials and pitfalls of the current mobility discourse.
Keywords: paradigm shift, mobility turn, Thomas S. Kuhn, Doris Bachmann-Medick, John Urry