Gottfried Korff

Aby Warburg und der „Volkskundekongress“ von 1905
Eine fachhistorische Momentaufnahme


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The conference of the „Verband Deutscher Vereine f_r Volkskunde“ 1905 in Hamburg is considered as the first congress of ‘Volkskunde’. In its planning and organization the art historian and culture scientist Aby Warburg was significantly involved. This involvement fell in oblivion in the discipline of „Volkskunde“. This paper tries to redetermine the role of Warburg on the basis of the extensive conference-related correspondence in the London Warburg Institute Archive (WIA). The conference initiative will be placed in the context of the institutionalisation processes of „Volkskunde“ around 1900. In addition, however, the paper will deliberate over the question, which effects the conference in Hamburg had on the academic establishment of „Volkskunde“ particularly in Hamburg and – as long range effect – in Germany generally.