6. Jahrgang, 2/2007

Eliteschulen des Sports – Erste Ergebnisse einer Pilotstudie

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Werner Pitsch Eike Emrich Michael Fröhlich Markus Klein


The German Olympic Sports Alliance considers elite sport schools (EdS) to be beneficial for talented young athletes by offering school education and optimal training conditions, enabling them to perform at their best. An evaluation of EdS systematically analysed empirical data on ascribed and achieved aims with collected data, individually as well as collectively, using questionnaires. On an individual basis, school performances and post-school occupational prospects as well as competitive success in sports of participants in the Summer Olympics 2004 and the Winter Olympics 2006 who attended an EdS were compared to those attending other kinds of schools. Age differences between the categories „continuous at EdS“, „in stages at EdS“ and „never at EdS“ were not found. The results show that there was no difference in sports performances between pupils at EdS and others in the Summer Olympics 2004, while in the Winter Olympics 2006 there was a significant difference. Furthermore there were no differences in school performance between the groups. Indeed, pupils at EdS prefer after end of the school in higher one a professional whereabouts in federal police and the armed forces, while not elite pupils finish a study in higher interest. The available data suggest that attending an EdS results in higher individual social costs, which are not matched by comparable success in sports competitions.

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