6. Jahrgang, 1/2007

Evaluation in der Sozialen Stadt – Ein Überblick aus Länderperspektive

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Ralf Zimmer-Hegmann Evelyn Sucato


The nationwide “Socially integrative City” programme has seen growing importance of evaluation and self-evaluation in recent years. Evaluations aim is not only the legitimation of financial funding and the identification of successes and impacts but also the desire to ameliorate the programme and its work. The federal programme has undergone its first mid-term evaluation. So have the programmes of several Länder. They show a broad range of aims, methods and instruments. The Land North Rhine-Westphalia has presented a first evaluation in the year 2000 that provides the basis for an ongoing evaluation currently being implemented.
This article identifies premises an evaluation of integrated approaches of urban renewal has to rely on. A brief comparison of the existing mid-term evaluations approaches is followed by a comprehensive presentation of the evaluation in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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