Larissa Korneeva

Hochschulbildung und Weiterbildung von Fach- und Führungskräften in Russland


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This articles deals with the development and problems of high school and professional education of qualified and management personnel in Russia. It regards all the aspects of reforms in Russian education system, which is currently undergoing global changes on many levels. The author describes the crises in Russian education and its causes and carries out a statistical comparison with similar developments in Western and Asian countries. She also concentrates on problems of scientific research not only in several big scientific centres but also in provincial universities; she analyses the present situation with funding of scientific research and the problems of scientific and financial support for the new young generation of academics. The current situation in Russian educational systems with all its achievements and drawbacks is vividly illustrated on the example of Jekaterinburg. The second part of the article is devoted to further education in Russia, especially to that of management personnel. The focus here is set on its structure and organization, the opportunities and efficiency of the provided training and – what is probably of great interest for a German reader – on the contacts with German firms and companies resulting from the presidential program of support and development of economic contacts with European countries.