Krassimir Stojanov

Empirische Bildungsforschung als bildungspolitische Anweisungs- und Legitimationsinstanz: Eine Streitschrift


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The text deals with current prominent writings in the cutting section of sciences, political discourse and media-coverage, which attend to apply outcomes of – mainly quantitative – empirical educational research on educational policy issues. In the style of a short polemical the author argues, that these writings convey a deficit oriented account on cultural plurality within public schooling. They contribute to the stigmatization of minoritized groups of students and at the same time they turn out to be of little use to inform educational policies to counteract exclusion effectively. The claim of the author is that one reason for that is that these works are themselves characterized by a monocultural attitude. Central features of the latter are a construction of non-dialogical arguments, a lack of critical reflexion on one’s own premises, as well as a totalization of particular opinions and positions.