Thomas Höhne

Bildungsregionen – Zur bildungspolitischen Konstruktion neuer Bildungsräume


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This paper deals with the correlation between space/decentralization and education, with regard to the concept of regional education. This concept applies to both the political dimension of development and also theoretical research on the spatial conditions of educational processes. On both levels, the concept of regional development is being discussed. Two central hypotheses will be persued here: Firstly, with educational policy increasingly being steered from the national level to the regional level, a transformation is occurring where educational policy becomes an element of regional development policy, with the effect that competition between schools increases. Secondly, this development is embedded in a general transformation of the State and politics, whereby the fundamental changes in edu-cation have thus far been designated as a new regime of education. In order to show the negative effects of such a policy, where the inequalities in education are strengthened and the economics of ‘Free Market’ Education increase, this paper presents an analysis of the fundamental transformation of the state, its steering of educational policy and regional education.