Klaus Seitz

Die ganze Welt an einem Ort. Die Globalisierungs- und Weltgesellschaftsforschung als Herausforderung für die Erziehungswissenschaft

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The impact of globalisation on education is universally felt. Globalisation is perceived as a challenge to the contents and objectives of education as well as to the structures of the educational sector. Notwithstanding the interrelationships between sociology of globalisation and educational discourse still are very weak. This essay attempts to show that it would be useful for both comparative education and educational theory to take notice of the outcomes of sociological research on globalisation and world society. In comparative education discourse the reception of social theories of globalisation is focused on neoinstitutionalist conceptions and the world system theory. It is argued, that these models emphasize a macrosociological approach that fails the microsociological character of education. The author shows that beyond these dominant theory traditions there is a multiplicity of elaborate conceptions of global society and of the process of globalisation, that could satisfy the specific pretensions of educational analysis. It is recommended to use the ‘glocalisation approach’ – focusing on the local-globalnexus and thereby bridging the micro and the macro – as a new framework for the educational analysis of the challenges, which have grown out of the emergence of world society.