Christine FreitagSarah Rölker

Was ist eigentlich ein Kontext? Theoretische Überlegungen und empirische Annäherungen an die Frage der Kontextualisierung von Schule in Lateinamerika


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International discussions on school development tend to ascribe different types of educational short-comings to a lack of adaptation to specific contexts. It is, however, quite unclear what contextualisation may imply. As a first step in the search for context definitions and contextual needs, this article offers different approaches: historical, theoretical and empirical perspectives are taken. With a special focus on Peru, document analysis shows the actual use of the word ‘contextual’ in reformatory approaches of Peruvian NGOs. Moreover, results of a current empirical study are presented to show how adults in a Peruvian suburb define their own contextual necessities and thus fundamentally question existing concepts, particularly concerning their unilinearity. A final discussion of the possibilities of wider concepts and their reception in research and school development may help to refocus international approaches.