The professional development of primary EFL teachers

Eva WildenRaphaela Porsch (Hrsg.)

The professional development of primary EFL teachers

National and international research

2017,  224  Seiten,  paperback,  37,90 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-3424-0

Mit Beiträgen von
Nora BenittHenriette DausendAnn-Cathrin Deters-PhilippJanet EneverAlicia JöckelJohannes KönigAngelika Kubanek-GermanSandra LammerdingRama MathewGünter NoldAnnamaria PinterThorsten PiskeRaphaela PorschShelagh RixonAndreas RohdeHenning RossaBianca RotersSarah StraußSarantis TachtsoglouEva Wilden

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In this publication national and international researchers working in the field of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) education, applied linguistics and educational sciences are presenting their current research in the area of primary EFL teacher education. The starting point of this collection was the general shift in educational research towards the role of teachers as well as towards facets of the teaching profession and their relative contributions to successful and ‘good’ education. All contributions to this volume focus primarily on hitherto insufficiently researched aspects of the professional development of primary EFL teachers. This book is thus contributing to closing existing research gaps as well as giving impetus for future studies and increasing communication about research on the professional development of EFL teachers in related disciplines. Aside from an overview of teaching primary EFL in Europe and beyond, the contributors are presenting up-to-date research on policy and practice of primary EFL teacher education, in-service training as well as professional competences and beliefs of primary EFL teachers.

Edited by Eva Wilden and Raphaela Porsch, this interdisciplinary book provides contributions from Nora Benitt, Henriette Dausend, Ann-Cathrin Deters-Philipp, Janet Enever, Alicia Jöckel, Johannes König, Angelika Kubanek, Sandra Lammerding, Rama Mathew, Günter Nold, Annamaria Pinter, Thorsten Piske, Shelagh Rixon, Andreas Rohde, Henning Rossa, Bianca Roters, Sarah Strauß and Sarantis Tachtsoglou.


Generally, I find Eva Wilden and Raphaela Porsch's 2017 edited anthology a gap-filling collection offering a much-needed contribution to the knowledge of primary EFL teachers' professional development from both a German-specific and international perspective. [...] From this perspective, a large group of audience can benefit from the book, including frontline primary EFL teachers, language teacher educators, language policy makers, school leaders, language teacher researchers, as well as any others who are of great interest in primary EFL teacher research. Therefore, this collection deserves my wholehearted recommendation.
Zhiyuan Wang, in: System 72 (2018), pp. 240f.