Claude-Hélène Mayer

Mori-Joe – exploring magical paths

A reading companion to intercultural learning and personality development

2016,  120  Seiten,  paperback,  with several illustrations,  14,90 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-3379-3

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This is a book about Mori-Joe and the cultural and spiritual journey she embarks on. After spending her formative years in Germany she moves to South Africa with her parents, where exciting new worlds await her. Somehow these worlds are already uncannily familiar to her. Her journey is told in the form of a didactic narrative. It is an amazing story on the one hand, on the other a biographical excerpt that has its roots in a set of profound cross-cultural scenarios. Mori-Joe’s story is based on David S. Hoopes’ cross-cultural personality development methodologies and cleverly conceptualises this into a humorous and entertaining narrative. Found at the end of the story is a compact, scientific “user guide” on intercultural personality development with select references to the literature that has been consulted on this subject.

“Mori-Joe – exploring magical paths” by Claude-Hélène Mayer has been written as a novel in a style that is both palatable to young people and adults alike, as it is to persons in a professional context devoted to the subject of cross-cultural development and learning. It can be adopted by schools and universities as foundational material for an understanding of the subject, as well as for topics like psychobiography and anti-racism.


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Claude-Hélène Mayer ist Professorin für Human Resource Management am Department for Industrial Psychology and People Management, University of Johannesburg, Südafrika. Sie ist zudem Privatdozentin am Institut für Sprachgebrauch und Therapeutische Kommunikation an der Europa Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), in Deutschland und Senior Research Associate an der Rhodes University, Grahamstown, Südafrika. International arbeitet sie als Mediatorin und Ausbilderin für Mediation (BM), als interkulturelle Trainerin, systemische Beraterin, Therapeutin und Lehrtherapeutin (SG, DGSF). Weiterhin ist sie weltweit in der internationalen Unternehmensberatung tätig. Ihre Forschung schließt Themen wie Frauen in Führung, interkulturelle Mediation und Konfliktmanagement, Gesundheit in Organisationen und Scham ein.

Claude-Hélène Mayer holds a Doctorate in Socio-Cultural Anthropology, University of Göttingen, Germany, a PhD in Management, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, a PhD in Psychology, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa. Her Venia Legendi is in Psychology with focus on Work, Organisation and Cultural Psychology. Her research areas are transcultural conflict management and mediation, mental health/salutogenesis and women in leadership. She is currently an Adjunct Professor at the European University in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, and Senior Research Associate at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. She has also published several children's books.


It feels a bit unfair to review the book, without having had the course, though it is a good read. [...] Have a look and see what the story stirs up for you.
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Claude-Hélène Mayer

Trainingshandbuch Interkulturelle Mediation und Konfliktlösung

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Mori-Joe – auf magischen Pfaden

Claude-Hélène Mayer

Mori-Joe – auf magischen Pfaden

Eine Lektüre zum interkulturellen Lernen und zur Persönlichkeitsentwicklung

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