Peter Schreiner (Editor)

Are you READY?

Diversity and Religious Education across Europe –
The story of the READY project

2018,  134  pages,  paperback,  four-coloured throughout,  29,90 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-3942-9

With contributions by
Kerstin von BrömssenMartin FischerHeinz IvkovitzPeter KliemannHeid Leganger-KrogstadSiebren MiedemaKristian NiemiGraeme NixonJanika OlschewskiFarid PanjwaniJo PearceJane SavillChristof SchillingPeter SchreinerDavid SmithAlexis StonesInge Strass

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Religious Education in schools in Europe is facing societal and cultural diversity. It has become a key issue how to handle diversity adequately in the classroom. Religious Education and diversity are also the background of an Erasmus+ project of teacher training institutions (READY) in five European countries: Austria, Germany, England, Scotland, and Sweden (2016-2018).
The book contains contributions from READY, a European project on teacher training in Religious Education. Experts and student teachers worked together on issues of diversity in classrooms of different European countries. Outcomes of the project include guidelines for study visits and online communication, case studies on Religious Education in the participating countries, contributions from national and international multiplier events and academic insights into the project. Statements and voices of student teachers enrich the publication.

Dr Peter Schreiner is director of the Comenius-Institut, a Protestant Centre for Research and Development in Education in Münster/Germany. He edited the book on behalf of the READY Consortium.

Contributions from

Kerstin von Brömssen, Martin Fischer, Heinz Ivkovits, Peter Kliemann, Heid Leganger-Krogstad, Siebren Miedema, Kristian Niemi, Graeme Nixon, Janika Olschewski, Farid Panjwani, Jo Pearce, Jane Savill, Christof Schilling, Peter Schreiner, David Smith, Alexis Stones.

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