What are the key questions highlighted in religious and spiritual education today? Many global processes such as migration, pluralism and the redefinition of citizenship challenge the traditional notions of borders concerning cultures, states and nationalities, ethnicities and even religions. Consequently, in societies today, the distinction in religions or identities between global and local or inside and outside no longer functions well. As the many borders in our world are becoming again more transparent and cultures blended, there is an increasing and constant need to re-examine the conceptions and theories concerning religion, dialogue and education. This volume brings together 14 new international studies based on selected presentations from the 14th Nordic Conference on Religious Education. The topics of the articles include studies on religion, dialogue and education in different contexts ranging from policy studies and higher education to home education, and research on education about religions to confessional education. The volume serves the interests of researchers, policymakers, practitioners and students of religious and spiritual education.