Ulrich RiegelKatharina Kindermann

Field Trips to the Church

Theoretical Framework, Empirical Findings, Didactic Perspectives

2017,  Research on Religious and Spiritual Education,  Band 9,  170  Seiten,  broschiert,  27,90 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-3659-6

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Visiting the local church is said to be a powerful case of participatory learning. Inside the church the students have an actual, multi-sensory encounter with Christian practice. Moreover, leaving the classroom to visit some artifact nearby is attractive and is said to raise the situational interest of the students. An empirical study on the effects of such field trips, however, is still missing. This volume addresses this research gap in religious education. It provides insight into the theoretical background, the empirical design and the results of a project about field trips to the local church in compulsory Catholic religious education in German primary schools. It draws a comprehensive picture of such effects by identifying the benefits of scholastic field trips as well as the obstacles of this didactic set-up. The volume closes with a description of didactic principles and methods which help to improve scholastic field trips to the local church.


Ulrich Riegel is Professor in Practical Theology and Religious Education at the Department of Catholic Theology in the Siegen School of Arts and Humanities. His recent research is about modern religiosity and teaching religion in public schools.

Katharina Kindermann works as a research assistant at the Department of Education and Psychology and the Department of Catholic Theology, University of Siegen. Her research focus is out-of-school learning environments.

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