Primate Biologics Research at a Crossroads

Gerhard F. WeinbauerFriedhelm Vogel (Hrsg.)

Primate Biologics Research at a Crossroads

2015,  174  Seiten,  E-Book (PDF),  0,00 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-7961-6

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The 20th Covance Primate Symposium was held in a scenic and stimulating country-side location near Münster, Germany on May 20-21, 2014. It was a unique networking event that brought together leading scientists, experts and thought leaders in primate research, where approximately 100 participants convened from around the world. The theme – Primate Biologics Research at a Crossroads – put the focus on biologics, the fastest-growing area in drug development today. The nonhuman primate plays a pivotal role in a biologic’s early development. However, we are at a crossroads of past and future in biologics, creating both a challenge and an opportunity to advance primate biologics research.

The outstanding group of speakers covered four key biologics topics:
– Immunogenicity Assessment: Challenges and Opportunities
– Evaluation of Neurotoxicity and CNS Functions
– Juvenile Toxicity Assessment Update
– Nonhuman Primate Disease and Efficacy Models