Moral Professionalism in Interaction

Eija Hanhimäki

Moral Professionalism in Interaction

Educators’ Relational Moral Voices in Urban Schools

2011,  Research on Religious and Spiritual Education,  Band 2,  1. Auflage, 178  Seiten,  E-Book (PDF),  24,20 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-7490-1

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This study investigates educators’ relational moral voices in urban schools and describes, with the help of their stories, their moral professionalism and moral practices in challenging school contexts. The educators’ moral voices are investigated in relation to themselves and other people, their work and society. In addition, the interaction process between the educators’ moral voices and the urban school context is considered. The book consists of four original refereed articles and a summary. The book brings together the findings in the articles and draws a picture of the educators’ moral professionalism in interaction. The data included narratively constructed interviews with educators in four Finnish urban schools. This study combined the case study method, the narrative approach and the critical incident technique as the methodological framework for both analyzing and reporting the data. The results of this study describe the main themes of these educators’ moral professionalism and the loudest relational moral voices heard through the main themes.