New Heads in the New Europe

Raymond BolamGerald DunningPeter Karstanje (Hrsg.)

New Heads in the New Europe

2000,  220  Seiten,  E-Book (PDF),  22,90 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-5910-6

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What is it like to be the headteacher of a school in the 'new' Europe? Do headteachers working in advanced, capitalist countries face profoundly different challenges to those in the former communist countries? Do the problems of those in northern Europe differ from those in southern or central Europe? Can they learn from each other's experiences?

This book provides some answers to these questions by presenting the findings from a comparative study of school headship in five European countries - Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Wales. The main implications of these findings are discussed in the light of earlier research literature and subsequent policy developments.

The book is aimed at headteachers, teachers, trainers and policy-makers and should help them to answer the question 'How should headteachers and other school leaders be developed in order to improve the quality of schooling?'

The authors came together as a result of their membership of ENIRDEM - the European Network for the Improvement of Research and Development in Education Management. So the book's second aim is to promote more reliable exchange and learning between countries based on collaborative research on a topic which is of fundamental importance for the future of education in Europe.