Bernhard DieckmannChristoph WulfMichael Wimmer (Hrsg.)


Nationalism, Racism, Xenophobia

1997,  European Studies in Education,  Band 5,  332  Seiten,  E-Book (PDF),  19,50 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-5487-3

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The escalation in violence over the last few years expressed in xenophobia, racism and nationalism in several European countries is analized in the contributions of the book. Representatives of disciplines of the various social sciences dedicated to understanding violence attempt to determine possible causes and motives for this increase. The European aspect, with its particular economic and sociopolitical problems, is examined using case study results from several countries. In addition, an analysis is presented that investigates the question wheather violence is a problem specific to youth and therefore an issue to be addressed by educationalists. The book seeks to contribute to research in the fields of nationalism and racism by dealing predominantly with anthropological considerations. But it also wishes to address the question of the manifestation, causes and motives of youth violence being discussed in educational science.


Bernhard Dieckmann, Christoph Wulf, Michael Wimmer

Violence - Racism, Nationalism, Xenophobia

I. Conceptual-Theoretical Perspectives

Floya Anthias

New Racism and Nationalism

Social, Cultural and Scientific Approaches and Solutions: Rethinking Racist Exclusions and Antiracisms

Christoph Wulf

Violence, Religion and Civilization

Yves Michaud

Violence, Identities and the State

Ulrich Albrecht

The Challenge posed to Theory in the Social Sciences by Ethnosocial Wars in Europe

Edgar Morin

Discours of Sarajevo

The European Intelligentsia between Mission and Demission

Ulrich Herrmann

Discipline and Education

Pedagogic Aspects of the Transformation of External Constraint into Self-Constraint

Hinderk M. Emrich

Selfpsychological Explanatory Models of Aggression

Christiane Buhmann

Hostility and Foreigners in the Light of Lacanian Theory of Aggressiveness

II. Hermeneutic-Historical Approaches

Jagdish Gundara

Inclusion and Exclusion in Europe

Panikos Panayi

Racial Violence in the Twentieth Century

Crispin Jones

Xenophobia and the Educational Construction of Europe

Robert Ferguson

Racism and the Mass Media

Struggling with Normality

Uli Linke

Fantasizing about Violence

Memory, Alterity, and Identity in German Political Culture

Katherine C. Donahue

The Language of Violence

Race, racism, and Culture in France

Roger Hewitt

Adolescense, Racism and Violence in South London

III. Descriptive-Empirical Studies

Ralf Bohnsack

"Episodical Community of Fate" and Youth Violence

A Qualitative Analysis of Hooligan Groups

Meredith Watts, Jürgen Zinnecker

Varieties of Violence-Proneness among Male Youth

Metin Alkan

Racism and Schooling

Experiences of Turkish Students in Secondary Schools in the Netherlands

Anton Trant, Elizabeth McSkeane

Wider Horizons for Young People

A Case Study in Reconciliation in Ireland, North and South

Monika Reinfelder

The Misogynist Violence of Fortress Europe

Diane L. Brook

Racism, Violence and the Liberation Struggle

The Impact of South African Education