Viola Hartung-BeckStephanie NiehoffFalk RadischCornelia Gräsel

The Internship “Eignungspraktikum” [“Aptitude Internship”] in
Teacher Training

An Analysis of School Counseling Concepts and the Understanding
of the Role of Mentors


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The internship “Eignungspraktikum” in North Rhine-Westphalia should lead to a more reflected decision of students for or against the achievement of a teaching degree. The results of this qualitative study show that the role of mentors is predominantly characterized by their own professional experiences. Mentors avoid the conflicting roles from judge to counselor and limit themselves to the position of an active listener.

teacher training, practical phases, internship “Eignungspraktikum”, qualitative school case study, mentor’s role, counseling, coaching

Hartung-Beck, V., Niehoff, S., Radisch, F. & Gräsel C. (2014). Das Eignungspraktikum in der Lehrerausbildung: Eine qualitative Analyse schulischer Beratungsformen und des Rollenverständnisses der Mentorinnen und Mentoren. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 106(2), 175-189.