Magdalena E. KowollRolf StrietholtWilfried Bos

Können Sommercamps Bildungsungleichheit abbauen?


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We present findings from the evaluation study on a summer camp in Bochum. One source of educational inequality is that students from disadvantaged families suffer from missing learning opportunities during the summer holidays. Therefore, summer camps might be an opportunity to support these children at risk. The evaluation study reveals that the camp succeeds in recruiting disadvantaged students. After the camp the students achieve higher scores in reading literacy, and they report high satisfaction with the camp.

Summer Camps, educational inequality, reading literacy

Kowoll, M., Strietholt, R. & Bos W. (2013). Können Sommercamps Bildungsungleichheit abbauen?. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 105(2), 158-168.