Benedikt Korf

Corona: Kritik in der Krise


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Armed conflicts cause massive displacements. Providing education in humanitarian emergencies and to refugees has received significant attention over the last years. One particular group, however, has largely been neglected: Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). This article argues that this neglect is problematic, as IDPs make up the largest share of all forcibly displaced persons. To do so, it first discusses the negative impact of armed conflict on education for IDPs and explains why it is important to rapidly restore the provision of education. Data on IPDs, however, are scarce. The article demonstrates the importance of data for providing education for IDPs. Finally, it analyses different reasons for the statistical invisibility of IDPs. The article seeks to contribute to further integrating the field of education in emergencies into Germanophone discussions. The impact of the Covid-19-pandemic highlights the importance of this field of study.

Internally Displaced Persons, humanitarian emergency