Wiebke Schwinger

Der Schulwettbewerb zur Entwicklungspolitik und seine Materialien – ein Schlaglicht

Kurzlink: https://www.waxmann.com/artikelART104239
.doi: https://doi.org/10.31244/zep.2020.02.04

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Globalisation is bringing about major changes for each of us. They are part of our living environment, and dealing with them is more and more part of everyday life − today more than ever, and the trend is rising. Under the heading of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), the services offered by Engagement Global support pupils and teachers in facing up to these changes. An example of this: The school competition on development policy. Since 2003, this competition has been calling on students of all ages, school types and subjects to engage with ONE WORLD. The aim of the competition is to sensitize children and young people to sustainable and responsible thinking and acting in a globalized world and to encourage them to get involved. In order to pave the way for teachers and learners alike to deal with issues of global development, the school competition offers suitable teaching materials to accompany each round. These materials attempt to do justice to the breadth and plurality of educational approaches and at the same time contain teaching suggestions that are tailored to needs, easy to handle in practice and of high quality.

ESD, school competition, learning material, acquisition of competencies