Lina BürgenerMatthias Barth

Die Zusammenarbeit von Lehrkräften, Hochschule und außerschulischen Bildungsakteuren – kollaborative Materialentwicklung unter der Perspektive BNE


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Teachers play a key role as multipliers when it comes to integrating Education for Sustainable Development into schools. What is often lacking, however, is adequate support structures. In this context, initial and in-service training formats, which focus specifically on developing the necessary competencies of teachers, have become an increasing interest of scientific research and development work. One promising approach is longterm partnerships between schools and extracurricular venues, in which joint, solution-oriented collaboration on specific sustainability-related questions and problems in the context of school and teaching is fostered. The following case study illustrates to what extent this form of collaboration can contribute to a mutual transfer of knowledge and thus support the integration of ESD into teaching practice. For this purpose, a specific transdisciplinary setting was analyzed in which teachers and extracurricular partners develop material together with researchers under the perspective of ESD.

education for sustainable development, community of practice, teacher education