Lydia Kater-WettstädtDennis Niemann

‚Global Competence‘ – der neue Fokusbereich in PISA 2018. Ein holpriger Start


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The OECD introduced in 2018 a new cross-curricular competence for PISA: Global competence (GC). In our contribution, we introduce the concept by comparing two versions from 2016 and 2018 and discuss it in its development. A core question is why several countries decided not to take this competence test, although the OECD, especially through PISA, is now a dominant actor in international education policy. The new domain seems to be challenging, as a balancing act between the competence orientation based on the main ideas of human capital and economic value of education on the one hand and a new highly normative orientation in valuable education on the other hand.

OECD, PISA, Global Competence, Assessment of school performance, international education